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Sports Lyrics in Hip Hop - First Edition

To me, hip-hop and sports are tightly intertwined. I’ve never really been able to put a finger on why, exactly, I have trouble separating my love for hip-hop from my love for sports at times. It’s not a race thing, either – I associate hip hop with sports, period, not just with basketball or football (oh, and I’m white…so, so white). From thinking of which song I’d come out to if I were a fighter or batter to which songs I would play during breaks in play at NBA or NHL games, this less than obvious duo has stumped me for a long time.

But it’s not just me, apparently. And 1 Mixtapes are set to hip hop music. Fighters and boxers come out to hip hop songs. I drafted Warrick Dunn in a fantasy league once because ESPN did a feature on him to the song “Fireman” by Lil’ Wayne. And on it goes. The basketball-hip-hop tag team combination may make sense on the surface, but it’s my opinion that sports and hip-hop are intertwined regardless of a game’s prominence in urban areas.

What makes me think this? Other than my own glaring self-serving bias, I have a body of evidence on the part of rappers and athletes alike supporting my claim. So, what follows is a collection of my favorite hip hop lyrics that are related to sports, whether they mention athletes, teams, or just sports in a topical manner.

The list is by no means a ranking and is by no means exhaustive. When it comes to hip-hop music, I like what I like and don’t listen to the rest, as I’m sure most people do. Thus, I’m imploring all of you to contribute to this list in the comments. I probably missed a lot, anyways. There’s a good chance I’ll re-release this piece down the line as a more comprehensive piece that includes your inputs (hence the ‘First Edition’ in the title). For now, have a chuckle at some of these gems and duds, and please play homage to the sport-lyric awesomeness that is Lil’ Wayne.

The Lil’ Wayne Division
“Weezy F Baby, for the team I rep daily / I come to the defense like Champ Bailey” – Lil’ Wayne, Shine On (by Baby)

“I’m like what it do, what it do / there’s a full court pressure, I’m just going for the two / if I’m open for the three, I’ma take it in a second / even if there’s one second, I’ma make it like it’s nothing” – Lil’ Wayne, Hustler Musik

“Now you know I play it, like a pro in the game / naw, better yet a veteran, a Hall of Fame” – Lil’ Wayne, Go DJ

“And I aint gettin Hitch / I’m gettin paid for, call me Money Mitch / ballin’ like Tony Gwynn” – Lil’ Wayne, I Took Her

“Then the style switch so quick / have you think the disc skipped / pimpin’ serious / make them bring it back like pass interference” – Lil’ Wayne, Diamonds & Girls

“I can play basketball with the moon, I got the whole world at my feet / playin’ touch football on Marijuana Street / or in a marijuana field, you are so beneath my cleats” – Lil’ Wayne, I Feel Like Dying

“N***a please, we on J-E-Ts / like Curtis Martin in white and green” – Lil’ Wayne, Kush

“Never talk to those that sit on the benches / I was in the game on 4th and inches” – Lil’ Wayne, Hard Body

“Still got Mami limp-oh / little bitty put his thang down like Mutumbo” – Lil’ Wayne, You Know What (by Avant)

“And when it’s cold, I turn into Wayne Gretzky” – Lil’ Wayne, I’m Raw

“And when it comes down to this recording / I must be LeBron James if he’s Jordan / no, I want rings for my performance / I’m more a Kobe Bryant of an artist” – Lil’ Wayne, Dough is What I Got

“You see me with my Marbury posture / I don’t play ball, I point-guard every dollar” – Lil’ Wayne (can’t find which song)

“I’m just headlinin’ the game / Won’t quit ‘till I’m A-Rod in the game” – Lil’ Wayne, Lightin’ Up My (La La La)

The Fabolous Divison
“I play them diamonds well like I get that jewellery on / they should call me Karat Jeter, or maybe Canary Bonds” – Fabolous, Diamonds on My Damn Chain

“They tried to put two nine’s on me, just like Gretzky / but my lawyer saw through it, just like wet T’s” – Fabolous, In My Hood

“In Houston I pass hoes in the Astros” – Fabolous, Throw Back

“I get the spirit in St. Louis, how could the God lose? I do back flips in the Ozzie Cardinals” – Fabolous, Throw Back

“I pitch game, you should see the change up I throw / aint gotta get ‘em a ring to get ‘em to swing” – Fabolous, Change Up

“And I’m a good player, I listen to the coach / she show me the playbook and said this is the approach / if you ever wanna score / ‘cuz some players rush they shot, and that’s why they’re never on the floor” – Fabolous, First Time

“They’ll throw it to you faster than Schilling and Clemens / but feelings aint the only thing that you can catch now” – Fabolous, Holla at Somebody Real

My Favorites
“I used to run bass like Juan Pierre / now I run bass high-hat with the snare” – Jay-Z, Deja Vu (by Beyonce)

“Bottom of the 9th and I really gotta score / if not I gotta move on to the next w**re” – J-Kwon, Tipsy

“When I get done it’s smooth sailing once I pull that ‘Lac out / next destination: I move forward like Jerry Stackhouse” – Ludacris, Woozy

“Life of a don, lights keep glowin, comin’ in the club with that fresh s*** on, with something crazy on my arm / and here’s another hit, Barry Bonds” – Kanye West, Barry Bonds

“You make me feel like I just hit the lotto / other girls, I give ‘em a shoulder colder than Chicago / but in your center I Heat it up in the Mourning like Alonzo” – Ludacris, Woozy

“When it comes to these women, dawg, aint no one f***in’ with me / they runnin’ back, you think I had a T.J. Duckett with me / that’s cause I throw it like Vick from the yard line / menage a trois, it’s safe to say I’m havin’ hard times” – Ludacris (f. Notorious B.I.G.), Living in Pain

“If you a thug or a rap artist, respect me like Pesci / and if rap was hockey, I be Gretzky” – Styles, N****s Done Started Something (by DMX)

“I got heart like John Starks” – Beastie Boys, Get it Together

“She ordered Kobe beef like Shaquille O’Neal / second I stepped in, the whole room gets still / I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal” – Kanye West, Back Like That Remix (by Ghostface Killah)

“I’ma Crip Walk to get Dre, and Blood Bounce back / Heat on the track, dribble rock like Wade and bounce like Shaq” – The Game, Bang

“You’re in a hurry, slow down, I don’t like how you’re actin’ / treat you like you from Milwaukee, send you Green Bay Packin’” – Nelly, Pimp Juice

The Not-So-Gangster, Not-So-Good Division
“We don’t think the same / I’m like Josh Howard, I need time out, but it’ll cost the game” – Joe Budden, Crazy Remix (by Gnarls Barkley)

“I leave ‘em shakin like the hands on Muhammad Ali / on the mic, I’m like the man Muhammad Ali” – Shawn Jay (of Field Mob), It’s Over

“You’re wicky wack with your ticky tack calls, didn’t touch you at all / I didn’t touch your hand, man, you know it’s all ball” – Beastie Boys, Hey F*** You

“You know how we do / we stay on your crew / like Mario Lemieux” – A Tribe Called Quest, Keep it Rollin’

“Focused on every word and line, like a young Cassius Clay in his prime” – Killer Mike, Flip Flop Rock (by Big Boi)

The “Full Song” Division
Halftime Show – Cam’ron (tonnes of sports references)
Right Thurr (NBA Live 2004 Remix) – Chingy
Flipside (NBA Live 2004 Remix) – Freeway
NBA Live 2004 – Twista (yes, that’s the song’s name)
Battlegrounds – T.I. (street basketball song)
Batter Up – Nelly (baseball song)

The Athlete-Cum-Rapper Division
Ron Artest (on his own record label, Tru Warrier Records) – decent, but crazy
Allen Iverson (aka Jewelz) – decent, but generic
Roy Jones Jr. – good on a Youngbloodz track (I Smoke, I Drink remix) but otherwise unimpressive
Master P – kind of the reverse, he had a try-out with the Raptors
Lil’ Romeo – son of Master P, rapper heading to USC as an 18th string point guard
Chris Webber – couldn’t find the song but allegedly he tried it
Shaquille O’Neal - Shaq Diesel, baby!
Kobe Bryant – appeared on a few mixtape tracks, debatable if it was actually him
Deion Sanders – ditto to Kobe
Tony Parker – raps in French, even had Fabolous on a track with a lame video
Cedric Ceballos – I have no proof, but I read about it before
Andre Rison – ditto to Ceballos
Gary Payton – ditto to Kobe and Neon Deion
Troy Hudson – weak, weak, weak

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67 Responses to “Sports Lyrics in Hip Hop - First Edition”

  1. Corey Says:

    Pharoahe Monch’s Official shits all over these

    Pharoahe’s Official like Starter, hit harder than Fort Green
    Authentic, Nike, Adidas and Spalding
    ?Permitted? behind the back like makin em all fiend
    From my intricate ways to shake ya whole team
    Official, Starter hit harder than Fort Green
    No authentic, Nike, Adidas and Spalding
    Permitted behind the back like makin em all fiend
    For my intricate ways to break ya whole team

    My style, make the whole crowd Se-au
    Like number 55 on the Chargers
    I promise thee I Dodge a nigga like Raul Mondesi
    Somberly stay calm, fighting Means like Natrone
    The bomb, like Hail Mary’s inflated wit napalm
    RAP PLEASE US! Deliver scriptures similar to Jesus
    That you couldn’t catch if you was Ivan Rodriguez
    So don’t compete within the zone where the ? is
    I’m on the phone in the luxury box like George Steinbrenner
    The owner, makin you give your Diamond-back like Arizona
    Winnin always Indian like Chief Nakahoma
    Sock a nigga in his face, Pharoahe’s the Sporting Authority
    Blacks attracted to my rap like ?games in sororities?
    You already fucked up when you stepped up to bat
    Strike (one) strike (two) strike (three), that’s that

    Pharoahe’s Official like Starter, hit harder than Fort Green
    Authentic, Nike, Adidas and Spalding
    ?Permitted? behind the back like makin em all fiend
    For my intricate ways to break ya whole team
    Official like Starter, hit harder than Fort Green
    No authentic, Nike, Adidas and Spalding
    Permitted behind the back like makin em all fiend
    For my intricate ways to shake ya whole team

    Yo the realness stuck, females Blauch my Knob like Chuck
    Dispense to standing in count commence to rebound like Buck Williams
    Triple Crown threat to score, plus the bonus strange
    Without the Rover, more range than Rey Ordonez
    One of the MC’s flip my kind of grammar on the break
    Three on one like Phi Slamma Jamma
    Serve a slot, a curve-splitter-knuckleball-spitter-change
    Every rhyme hid a bitter note, quote “Get a game”
    Not Allen Iverson, forget crossin-over shake men
    Similar to Troy, I bring the pain destined to Aik-man
    Break men off, take men out, make me wanna slander
    Prime Time, my rhyme defense beyond Deion Sanders
    I walk the earth with my Rod in this Strick-land
    Promise, people thought I was Thomas Hearns the way I Hit Man


    Yeah yeah, come on come on
    It’s Lee Stone, Pharoahe Monch for real
    Wit the Official hip hop to kill
    Know what’s the deal, come on check it
    Yo yo yo
    Pharoahe’s Official like Starter, hit harder than Fort Green
    Authentic, Nike, Adidas and Spalding
    Then hid it behind the back like makin em all fiend
    For my intricate way ta-ta-ta-ta yo yo
    Official like Starter, hit harder than Fort Green
    Authentic, Nike, Adidas and Spalding
    The minute behind the back like makin em all fiend
    For my intircate way ta-ta-ta-ta
    Yo, I stick around like hockey, now what the puck
    Cooler than fuck, maneuver like Vancouver Canucks
    In ya speaker, destroy your woofer, mids and tweeters
    Not Wolverine but still I hold Claws like Shameeka
    Water Boys get slaughtered automatic like Bobby Boucher
    Push ya wig back like Marv Albert’s toupe
    Blaze a Trail like Portland on a track that’ll amaze ya
    Omnipotent on the D like Clyde Frazier
    Slide, phase ya, glide get off the uhh
    I’m commin wit the *scatting*

  2. Blake Murphy Says:

    Damn, those are some sick lines. Immediate download, for sure. I can’t believe he references Rey Ordonez, one of my favorite players ever. Nice one, Corey.

  3. AJ Says:

    Quite frankly, the ommission of tracks off of the Shaq Diesel album is downright offensive. I’m not saying his work is a masterpiece, but he released 4 albums…a little sampling

  4. Blake Murphy Says:

    Umm, he’s in there! The last section.

  5. AJ Says:

    I’m illiterate and resign.

  6. d-rob Says:

    A Bad Boy, just like Notorious B.I.G.
    A Roc-a-Fella like Shawn Carter
    with more game than Ron Harper
    The bomb sparker rapper slash armed robber- “Deadly Combination”- Big L

    And everytime I’m in a jam I always find a loophole,
    I got a crime record longer than Manute Bol.- “M.V.P”- Big L

    If you, block the cash, we lockin ass
    I’ma put it in your chest like a Stockton pass- “Platinum Plus” Kool G Rap

  7. d-rob Says:

    I take my glock and I point guard like Brevin Knight- “Put em in the Grave” Jedi Mind Tricks
    This is no hoax, back to bench scrubs like Tremaine Fowlkes- “Sincerly Yours” Little Brother
    Ask around and they tell you i’m good with the raw caine’ and skip college and handle the rock like Lebron James
    Got my 40 from Cincinnati and it throw bullets like Boomer.
    I’m like Shaq on the block, kobe with the rock, Wes with the shot, so i nickname my johnson Erving
    Put the 100s in the bag, or i’m gonna put the eagle to your helmet and the 5th to your chest like Donovan McNabb
    I keep 16 in the clip and i let em all go like the Lakers with Elden, Eddie and Nick
    -all these gems are from “100 Bars and Runnin” The Game

  8. rebelins Says:

    “Queen’s Gambit” - GZA

    She dated jolly green GIANTS, that, flew on JETS
    An A-list actress, who was never walked off sets
    She loved stuffed animals, especially BEARS
    Was a role model, like a CARDINAL to our peers
    A PATRIOTIC tomboy, like Mary Ellen from The Waltons
    A former lifeguard, who had the skills of a DOLPHIN
    When I met her, she was in drama school and wore BENGALS
    Drove a BRONCO, and she was far from star spangled
    Had basic skills, and worked part time in mills
    Raised buffalo’s, cause she was behind them BILLS
    Had a man who always roared like LION
    A domestic violent cat, tackled the girl and kept her crying
    Couldn’t care, she was losing her hair, from depression
    She was in the air, and there was some room for interceptions
    I told her to stay strong, not to be ashamed
    You’re a “ten-i-see”, you just need to TITAN your game
    Her ancestors were CHIEFS, who ran with running deer
    On the sail with the SEAHAWKS, who battled the BUCCANEERS
    The REDSKIN garments, was suede coat liners
    Held rare coins, frequently sought from gold miners
    They were hard working warriors, we call over timers
    Shot plenty arrows at COWBOYS and 49ERS
    Her interesting background, but quite unusual
    A great force grip, but out of bounds for a musical
    She told me to call her, if I came to town
    I started TEXAN her, soon as my plane had touchdown
    Holding my luggage, in the hand that revealed the bad scars
    She pulled up at arrivals, driving the JAGUAR
    Her BROWN skin was soft, her legs beautifully shaven
    Her house was fly, sitting on the roof, was a RAVEN
    As we entered, I heard laughter
    She walked into a large living room, I went after her
    There was two of her, girlfriends, playing chess like they were VIKINGS
    Militant as PANTHERS, they’re resemblance was striking
    Had on thongs, high heels, and belts that was garter
    Energized like phones that just came off the CHARGER
    I introduced myself to gain yardage
    Cuz anything less then smooth, would of been straight up garbage
    The shorter one met me, when I had a sky pager
    Thought I rolled with robbers, STEELERS and panty RAIDERS
    She took fruit from the orange bowl, it was in season
    One of them said she loved the juice and kept squeezing
    I knew that I was gonna get, wined and dined
    It would of been a penalty, not to pass the scrimmage line
    Now I laid back and relaxed, waiting for the kick-off
    One removed the lip gloss, like she was bout to lick all
    She caressed me, with fingertips soft as velvet
    Dying for me to PACKER, as she stroked my helmet
    And I was thinking these girls was SAINTS
    But it was first and ten, and there was extra walls to paint
    Before you know it, I had all three in a huddle
    Buckin’ like a COLT, before I released them puddles
    They spread EAGLES like wide receivers
    As I RAM them in the endzone, and they became true believers

  9. Principal Dondelinger Says:

    “Called up the homies and I’m askin y’all ‘Where’d you park? Are y’all playin basketball?’ Get me on the court and I’m trouble. Last week messed around and got a triple double. Freaking brothers everyway like M.J. I can’t believe, today was a good day.

    Left my homie’s house paid. Picked up a girl been tryin to do since the 12th grade. It’s ironic, I had the brew she had the chronic - The Lakers beat the Supersonics.”

    Ice Cube

  10. Blake Murphy Says:

    How about this, from up-and-coming artist Scissors:
    “My jumper stings your eye, I think you need Visine,
    And you can’t buy a bucket ‘cuz my defense so mean,
    My cross over fakes you silly so ballers call you Urkel,
    And my game way flyer ‘cuz I read The On Deck Circle”

  11. James Says:

    4 words “Macho Man Rap Album”

    Lyric from the single “Be A Man”

    -Hot diggity damn Hulk I’m glad you set it off (set if off)
    Used to be hard Hulk now ya done turned soft
    Doin’ telephone commercials I seen ya
    Dancin’ in tights as a ballerina
    I knew all along you had those tendencies
    Cuz you’ve been runnin’ from Macho like I got a disease-

    I’ve also heard Hulk has an album.
    Rap or not, I bet he runs wild on the eardrums

  12. michael Says:

    Nigga London, Japan and I’m straight off the block
    Like a running back, get it man, I’m straight off the block
    I can run it back nigga cause I’m straight with the Roc
    dirt off your shoulder-Jay-z

  13. Todd Says:

    Hey ladies in the place I’m callin’ out to ya
    There never was a city kid truer and bluer
    There’s more to me than you’ll ever know
    And I’ve got more hits than Sadaharu Oh
    - Beatie Boys “Hey Ladies”

    The swift chancellor, flex, the white-gold tarantula
    Track truck diesel, play the weed God, substatiala
    Max mostly, undivided then slide it, it’s sickening
    Guaranteed, made em jump like Rod Strickland
    - Raekwon The Chef in Wu-Tang Clan’s “Triumph”

  14. James Says:

    Joe Budden - Pump it up Remix

    ya’ll dudes will never make it you’re a Tyus Edney
    i’m a standout like Yao Ming
    i’m whats sparkin now
    it’s like fallback Shaq
    i’m startin now
    boys poppin it toys pop and spit
    i’m not from round these parts i’m Stojakovic
    let me hear your man say “i’m the Jordan of rappin”
    he’s gettin fatigued girlie his scorin is lackin
    legacy is gettin ruined and you dont want that
    so pretty much learn from him — don’t come back

  15. Dan the Man Says:

    I could swear I’ve seen a mixtape claiming to be by DJ Drama & Carmelo Anthony.

  16. GSMACK Says:

    I learned at Old Pine, see I’m the school yard hustler
    I had my hardknocks now I’m an off the backboard buster
    I could fake to the left penetrate like Mike
    Or 360 in the air as Dominique might
    I could pass like Magic
    I could shoot like the Bird, after a Doctor J dunk
    The courtside drunk said good lord

    They shooting hoops
    Yeah Yeah Yeah
    They playing basketball


  17. Anon Says:

    “And with the third pick I made the earth sick/ MJ MJ fadeaway perfect” Jay Z - HOLA HOVITO

  18. AB Says:

    Outkast - The Whole World

    Glitter, Glisten, Gloss, Floss. I catch a beat runnin’ like Randy Moss.

  19. Brother Simms Says:

    “Somebody tell Kelvin Cato, we want our money back!!”

  20. GSMACK Says:

    Look what you made me do, look what I made for you
    Knew if I paid my dues, how will they pay you
    When you first come in the game, they try to play you
    Then you drop a couple of hits, look how they wave to you
    From Marcy to Madison Square
    To the only thing that matters in just a matter of years (yea)
    As fate would have it, Jay’s status appears
    to be at an all-time high, perfect time to say goodbye
    When I come back like Jordan, wearin the 4-5
    It ain’t to play games witchu
    It’s to aim at you, probably maim you
    If I owe you I’m blowin you to smithereeens
    Cocksucker take one for your team
    And I need you to remember one thing (one thing)
    I came, I saw, I conquered
    From record sales, to sold out concerts
    So muh’fucker if you want this encore
    I need you to scream, ’til your lungs get sore


  21. K Says:

    You niggas know where my heat stay at/I leave niggas MIA and I ain’t talkin where the Heat play at - Fabolous “Keeping It Gangsta”

    And Fed’s tell ya hit a chick once and she runnin’ back like Fred Taylor - Fabolous “Keeping It Gangsta”

    Once again, n**** know my style/Unless it’s on the cut so give me the mic and watch me slam it/
    Hard like Shaquille, oh you better kneel - Scoob, Biggie Freestyle

  22. diego Says:

    “I get my hair cut correct like Anthony Mason..”

    -Beastie Boys

  23. Gootz Says:

    You forgot one of the most popular songs ever…or of 2002.
    “Stop pacin, time wastin
    I gotta friend with a pole in the basement (What?)
    I’m just KIDDin like Jason (Oh)” -Nelly, “Hot in Herre”

  24. Smoov Says:

    “And y’all scared I can tell,
    But I’ma get Bucks like Milwaukee,
    Cause like Sam I Cassell”


  25. Eric Snow Says:

    DJ Jazzy Jeff - “Practice”
    Samples AI’s discussion of practice. Great track.

  26. Vinny Testaverde Says:

    Bernie Kosar has a mix tape entitled “Who sharted in my oatmeal?”

    Look it up.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    “You say it’s all about the money, well I can tell
    Cuz that nigga makes Sam Cassell look like Denzel” -Masta Ace

    “Sit back and learn, come now watch the birdie
    Your styles are incomplete, same as Vinny Testaverde” -Phife, A Tribe Called Quest

  28. Brian Says:

    When i first heard The Whole World from Outkast these lines made me do a double-take:

    Player I grind, my focus is crime
    Raw with the rhyme and I’m slick with da slime
    My words a diamond dug out my mind
    Spit ‘em, they polished, look how they shine
    Glitter, glisten, gloss, floss
    I catch a beat running like Randy Moss

  29. Kwame Says:

    Whoever got props, get dropped coming to the hole/ Dikembe Mutombo of this rap sh*t/ And the jab is stiff, and it’s Zab quick, left hand will lean him like a little past six…

    - Jay Z (”All I need”, The Blueprint)

  30. SteveO Says:

    I was moving birds like a Oriole fitted
    I’m Cal Ripken Jr, ***** let’s get it

    JayZ, What They Gonna Do


  31. Kwame Says:

    “…Better yet you a Pervis Ellis you worthless fella, you aint no athlete you Shawn Bradley….”

    Jay-Z Pump it up remix

  32. Tony Says:

    “What if Ewing would have dunked instead of fading away? The Knicks would have been the Champs, wouldn’t got traded away”- Fredro Starr

  33. d Says:

    I can’t believe there is no Cassidy…

    “If I don’t sell and my plans should fail, man, it’ll get ugly like Sam Cassell”

    and Joe Budden is amongst the best at throwing in sports references…

    “ridin and totin’ things man, i got some ak’s that’s longer than greg oden’s wingspan,
    some of these slugs is for wanna be thugs, they soft bitch made, call ‘em summer’s eve thugs,
    son, that nigga, flow styles quicker, when dope boys is short i front ‘em the cash nicka,
    starin’ at my dame cuz my hun’s ass bigger, you in the pursuit of happiness, bum ass nigga”

    ‘you just good at catchin bullets like randy moss’

    ‘the lennox lewis of rap, nobody thought that i could torture the mic’

    “Ni&gas wanna rep, betta watch ya back
    even little ni&gas is jumpin, they robert pack

    “i aint scared to buck at dude
    he a keith van horn ni&ga he was only tough in school”

    “make the strip pipin’ hit, you either hire the cops, or we’ll be firin’ them shots, and you’ll be forced to leave jersey like you byron scott”

  34. Kevin Says:

    Rap ruler, you could ask Buddha
    Right jab like Zab Judah
    -g. dep from “special delivery”

    To the hood, parked crooked behind that chained fence,
    And I’m going down behind my dogs, but I ain’t Vick
    -the game from “big dreams”

    also, kurupt and snoop just released an “la lakers theme” to the mixtapes

  35. Kevin Says:

    forgot one of the funniest

    niggas lookin like larry holmes flabby and sick (look at de la soul!)
    tryin to playa hate on my shit, you can eat a fat dick
    -2pac from “againt all odds”

  36. Kevin Says:

    one more for wayne

    Put A Motherfucker On Ice Like The Maple leafs
    That’s A Hockey Team And I Ain’t On No Hockey Team
    But I’m A Champion Where’s The Fucking rocky theme?
    Damn, Rest In Peace Applo Creed

    from upgrade u from drought 3

  37. Cody Says:

    The Beastie Boys drop sports lines all of the time:

    from Unite (Hello Nasty):

    Goin off the hook like Latrell Spreewell
    I’ve got the ill technique so you know me be well

    I got books of hooks and it looks like rain/
    will someone from the Knicks please drive the lane?

  38. brian Says:

    trunk turn and flips people think I teach gymnastics
    I’m throwed like a fast ball from Greg Maddox

    -paul wall “thinkin thoed”

  39. AJax Says:


    On point, best line by far.

    HOWEVER - it is Killer Mike on “The Whole World” by Outkast

  40. Mike Says:

    Lil Wayne- Feel Me

    You know, just born to mack.
    Call me Deion Sanders bring the corner back”

  41. smokey Says:

    I always liked that line in one of South Park Mexicans songs, “I shoot more shots than Sam Cassell”

  42. Dat RoRo Kid Says:

    Sir Luscious is da the real deal, but even he gets ancy
    Some honeys try to +Kill Bill+ beneath the underpants see
    But patience is my virtue being too anxious just might hurt you
    Like Mike Vick returning to the line of scrimmage too soon

  43. Dat RoRo Kid Says:

    Sorry, that’s from ‘I Can’t Wait’ by Sleepy Brown (ft Outkast). Big Boi’s spittin’ that.

  44. medster Says:

    rock handle like van exel.


    jake plummer reference in southside by the game i think

  45. JEA723 Says:

    How about a Japanese baseball reference?

    “I got more hits than Sadaharu Oh” - Beastie Boys, Hey Ladies

  46. Ad C Says:

    refuse to grow my hair like michael vick - ludacris, “in the club”

    so runnin’ i will hit you like jeremiah trotter - lil wayne’s verse in ja rule’s “uh-oh”

    and i got mad hits like i was rod carew - beastie boys, “sure shot”

    I catch a beat running like Randy Moss - killer mike’s verse in outkast’s “the whole world”

    Gotta play for the 7 call it Mike Vick / Dirty birds nigga we play wit dem falcons / Know some niggaz in the Decatur that pay for dem falcons - young jeezy, “gangsta music”

    I’m in a whole other league, niggas never catch me / and I sport fly shit, I should win the ESPY - jay-z, “party life”

    I’m from the gutter, grew up in public housing / On the same block with a shack like Yao Ming (…) I start writing 22 months and 20 weeks prior to Lebron shaking Adidas for Nikes / I’m right here, 6 years after Randy Moss caught his first touchdown for the Vikings - the game, “no more fun and games”

    She been through the ball player from the Clippers, then came the pumps / All thinkin she number one where she was just a jumpoff - common, “drivin me wild”

    Me and tha boy A.I. got more in common than just ballin and rhymin - Jay-Z, “super ugly”

    not knowing the ways’ll get you capped like an NBA salary - talib kweli’s verse in black star’s “respiration”

  47. Ad C Says:

    If you haven’t heard, I’m Michael Magic and Bird / all rolled in one - cause none got more flows than Young - jay-z, “hola hovito”

  48. Teeksanity Says:

    More Wayne and Trick Daddy from the new Rick Ross album:

    Song-Luxury Tax

    “They said I couldn’t play football I was too small.
    they say I couldn’t play basketball I wasn’t tall.
    They say I couldn’t play baseball at all.
    And now everyday of my life I ball.” - Lil Wayne

    “It cost a ball dogg,
    Especially when the players on your team,
    Consider you as the ball hog.
    You treat me like Shaq,
    And you Kobe but I didn’t say you owe me nigga.
    But act like you know me nigga.” - Trick Daddy

  49. Uncle Pat Says:

    Hopefully these are not repeats, searched through and could not find them!

    You think you a killer but we gon just pay ‘em a visit
    Put the potato in the barrel so nobody hear it
    I keep a holster on my shoulder like I’m John Wayne
    Shooting these n****s lights out like Lebron James

    G-Unit, “Gangsta Lyrics”

    Let you tell that man I’m falling,
    Well somebody must’ve caught him,
    Cause every fourth quarter, I like to Mike Jordan ‘em,
    Number one albums, what I got like four of dem,

    Jay Z in Kanye West’s “Never Let Me Down”

  50. Shawn Says:

    My fav as a Packers fan…..

    Nigga just tryin’ to live
    Like a Nigga suppose to live
    If I still drink that malt liquor
    I pour that beer
    On the ground for niggas not around
    I started out starvin’
    Now they got me out here Brett Farve’n
    Try’n to see if I still got it… (got it…)
    I guess it’s like the right thing about it… (’bout it…)

    Andre 3000’s lyrics from Dj Drama - The Art Of Storytellin Part 4

  51. SonOfMarino Says:

    The illest ever!

    Cut ya ears off and asked if you heard me/ Cuz your not worthy like James without the Laker jersey

    C-Rayz Walz, “The Smackdown” (Apathy)

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Nelly, E.I. -
    I’m fast (uh) double takes when you walk past me
    Nasty, don’t be scared boo, go ahead and ask me
    I drive fasty, call me Jeff Gordon
    in a black SS wit a navagation

  53. Anonymous Says:

    “It’s A New Game And I’m The Coach Like Avery
    Leave It To The Flow We Getting Doe Like A Bakery
    I Don’t Really Want To But These Niggas Making Me
    Put A Motherfucker On Ice Like The Maple leaves
    That’s A Hockey Team And I Ain’t On No Hockey Team
    But I’m A Champion Where’s The Fucking rocky theme?
    Damn Rest In Peace Applo Creed” upgrade u by lil weezy

  54. Hove Says:

    grab a lost rebound like Bo Outlaw/ I’m so outlaw- Jay-Z

  55. ADAM Says:

    “It’s gettin’ kinda tragic, and if you don’t believe me, then go ask Magic” - Coolio, ‘Too Hot’

    “I’m like Gnarls Barkley meets Charles Barkley” - Kanye West, ‘The Glory’

    “I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome, on the fifty yard line, while the Dirty Birds kick for three!” - Ludacris, ‘What’s Your Fantasy’

    “Dane on a n**** like my name’s Zab Judah, the rap barricuda, 3XL kahuna!” - Wu-Tang Clan, ‘Uzi’

  56. Aaron Says:

    I’m pretty sure that this is the only Mark Lemke reference there is:
    “Atlanta needs a title, let’s call Mark Lemke, I’m an underground king like Pimp C, if I’m wrong, then convince me.”
    -Mars Ill, “Too Strong to Change”

  57. Jared Says:

    “Where trends are set from ways to express the outfits
    Friends get wet tryin’ to make ends connect
    Avenues to check, boulevards to sweat
    The smell of gunsmoke more common than cigarettes
    WE GOT clicks for wreck
    WE LIKE Pits for pets
    WE GOT Giants and Jets, the Knicks, Yanks and Mets
    WE LIKE much respect and sex extra wet
    And High-Tech dialect you ain’t catch yet”

    Rakim “New York (Ya Out There?)

  58. PAT Says:

    Shots of Patron, now she’s in the zone
    I ain’t talking about the two-trhee
    Mami in the zone like the homie 2-3
    Jordan or James, makes no difference
    Boo I’m ballin the same
    I am the Mike Jordan of recording

    - Show me what u got, Kingdom Come

  59. joshkadis Says:

    #1 is right. Pharaoh Monch kills all of these just with the Chief Nakahoma drop.

    “…and to top it off, Starks got ejected.” - Tribe Called Quest, 8 Million Stories

  60. sportslifer Says:

    Good stuff. Not a hip-hop fan by any stretch, my favorite music/sports piece is probably Phil Rizzuto’s call in Meat Loaf’s “Paradise tby he the Dashboard Light.”

    Radio broadcast:
    Ok here we go, we got a real pressure cooker going here, two down, nobody on, no score, bottom of the ninth,

    there’s the wind-up, and there it is, a line shot up the middle, look at him go. This boy can really fly!

    He’s rounding first and really turning it on now, he’s not letting up at all, he’s gonna try for second; the ball is bobbled out in center, and here comes the throw, and what a throw!

    he’s gonna slide in head first, here he comes, he’s out! No, wait, safe - safe at second base, this kid really makes things happen out there.

    Batter steps up to the plate heres the pitch - he’s going, and what a jump he’s got, he’s trying for third, heres the throw, it’s in the dirt - safe at third! Holy cow, stolen base!

    He’s taking a pretty big lead out there, almost daring him to try and pick him off. The pitcher glances over, winds up, and it bunted, bunted down the third base line, the suicide squeeze is on!

    here he comes, squeeze play, its gonna be close, heres the throw, heres the play at the plate, holy cow, I think he’s gonna make it!

  61. David Dyer Says:

    Here is a classic one:

    “I’ll throw it down your throat like Barkley” -Chuck D, Public Enemy - Rebel without a Pause

  62. A Leav Says:

    “Analyze the strength of my game/like Lee Corso
    Call me a lost soul/with a vest on my torso”

    Hellbound - Eminem ft. J-Black and Masta Ace

  63. Baxter Says:

    One of the funnier ones

    you niggaz fightin over airtime?
    its my fault he pushed your album back farther than clyde drexlers hairline(The Game Soundscan)

  64. Baxter Says:

    i also just remembered the best hockey reference ive heard in a rap song

    The Los Angeles King, no hockey mask
    Cause when you try to hide your face
    You get shot in tha ass! (The Game-Why you smell like dat)

    i love alot of rappers but i have to say the game would probably win in this category he has dozens more im just too lazy to post em now.

  65. Baxter Says:

    i’ll give you 5 shots when the 38 blow
    leave a hole in your chest.. the size of a bagel
    we can do it when you say so
    wait till the Lakers on the road, shoot it out at the staples (The Game-240 bars)

    I’m from Compton where niggaz used to bleed for barkley’s
    Drive lo-lo’s and we ain’t need keys to start ‘em
    Just a little information for your summer vacation
    Bring your chain cuz every nigga in L.A. waitin
    Mad cuz Detroit beat the shit out the Lakers
    And they’ll kill you cuz they can’t find Gary Payton (The Game-200 bars)

  66. wt3 Says:

    a couple of old school ones:

    YOU BE ILLIN’ (Run DMC - 1986)

    (To)day you won a ticket to see Doctor J
    Front row seat (in free!) no pay
    Radio in hand, snacks by feet
    Game’s about to start, you kickin’ popcorn to the beat
    You finally wake up, Doc’s gone to town
    Round his back, through the hoop, then you scream “Touchdown!”
    You be illin’


    [blam] Aww sh*t, another young brother hit
    I better go over my man’s crib and get the pump
    Cause to the cops, shootin brothers is like playin baseball
    And they’re never in a slump
    I guess when they shoot up a crew, it’s a grand slam
    And when it’s one, it’s a home run
    But I’ma be ready with a wild pitch
    My finger got a bad twitch, plus I’m on the switch -
    - side, and step up to the batter’s box
    F*ck red and white, I got on Black Sox
    But let him shoot a person from the White Sox
    What’s the call? Foul ball!
    Babe Ruth woulda made a good cop, but he didn’t
    Instead he was a bigot, dig it
    My life is valuable and I protect it like a gem
    Instead of cops gettin me I’m goin out gettin them
    And let em cough up blood like phlegm
    It’s grim [blam blam] but dead is my antonym
    And legally they can’t take a fall
    Yo check it out it’s just a friendly game of baseball

    R.B.I. — real bad injury
    But don’t get happy you’re in jail for a century
    Just as bad as bein shot in the groin
    To see who’ll shoot ya, they’ll flip a coin
    And watch him run for the stretch
    But you don’t know the man is at home waitin to make the catch
    So the outfielder guns you down
    You’re out, off to the dugout, underground
    I know a cop that’s savage, his pockets stay green like cabbage
    Cause he has a good batting average
    No questions, just pulls out the flamer
    [blam] And his excuses get lamer
    Once a brother tried to take a lead
    But they shot him in his face sayin he was tryin to steal a base
    And people watch the news for coverage on the game
    Hmm, and got the nerve to complain
    They need to get themselves a front row seat
    Or sink a baseline for a beat
    Cause television just ain’t designed for precision y’all
    It’s just a friendly game of baseball

    A kid caught on, but I don’t know where the brother went
    The umpires are the government
    I guess they took him out the game, and replace him
    with a pinch-hitter, in the scam he was a quitter
    So the cops usually torment, I mean tournament
    Win em I was sayin
    You can’t let the umpires, hear ya speak and battle
    like the other kid you won’t be playin
    Cause they’ll beat you til your @ss drop
    A walking gun with a shell in his hand is their mascot
    And when they walk around let it be known to step lightly
    The bases are loaded
    My man got out from three strikes
    In the skull but the knife he was carrying was dull
    Instead of innings, we have endings
    What a fine way to win things
    And hot-dog vendors have fun
    Sellin you the cat rat and dog on a bun
    And when you ask what is all of this called?
    It’s just a friendly game of baseball

  67. Brookaveli Says:

    B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret
    This was the album that featured Gary Payton, Cedric Ceballos, and others.
    Here is Webber’s album: C. Webb - 2 Much Drama (the single was “Gangsta! Gangsta!” ft. Kurupt)
    I’m don’t know if Kobe Bryant’s album ever came out, but he definitely recorded a song with Tyra Banks called K.O.B.E. I’m pretty sure there was a video and it was an (unplayed) radio single. Here is a YouTube video of him performing it during NBA All-Star Weekend: Kobe Bryant ft. Tyra Banks - K.O.B.E. Also: Brian McKnight ft. Kobe Bryant - Hold Me (Trackmasters Remix)

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