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WAGs - Wives and Girlfriends of Footballers

Posted by Blake Murphy on March 21, 2008

This article has been submitted by the clearly lonely Alex Jackson.

I just returned from Dublin for some St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Aside from the actual St. Patrick’s day, the weather was quite disappointing, which resulted in a whole lot of tele-watching. Did I watched football(soccer), the England-Ireland Six Nations Rugby match, or hurling (a lacrosse-field hockey hybrid)? Yes to all of those, in spurts. But most of my time was spent watching a Girls Aloud marathon. Here.

As mentioned earlier, this is Cheryl Cole who is married to Ashley Cole. The word, from the “highly respectable” Sun UK, is that Ashley has been unfaithful and the two may be in the process of separating.

Many North Americans consider Victoria Beckham the “WAG,” based on the fame she achieved with the Spice Girls and her husband David’s attempt to save Major League Soccer on the other side of the pond.


Coleen McLoughlin is engaged to Wayne Rooney, a star for Manchester United and the English National Team. Unlike Victoria or Cheryl, Coleen is famous for being famous and some have criticized her extravagant shopping habits, and suggested she “go and get a bloody job.”


Carly Zucker is a personal trainer who is engaged to Chelsea’s Joe Cole.

Alex Curran is married to Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard. Alex is a former nail technician, who is not afraid of controversy; in 2006 she was arrested on suspicions of assault and has been involved in an ongoing “feud” with singer Jamelia.

Melanie Slade is dating Aresnal’s Theo Walcott. Melanie is a student at Southhampton’s Itchen College where she is studying to be a physiotherapist.


Sylvie van der Vaart is the wife of Hamburg and Dutch star midfielder Rafael van der Vaart. She is a Dutch model/actress and the two have been married since 2005.

Daniella Cicarelli is the ex-fiancé of Brazilian superstar Ronaldo. She is a video jockey for MTV Brasil and hosts the dating show Beija Sapo- Kissing Frogs- MTV Brasil’s highest rated program

Adriana Karembeu, a former Miss Slovakia, has been married to French footballer Christian Karembeu since 1998. Before becoming a model, she studied to become a doctor in Prague.

Verena Kerth used to date German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. The relationship ended when Verena cheated on Kahn with who she believed was a wealthy Greek shipping tycoon. It turns out, the supposed Greek was just a big talker and not actually an heir.

Helen Svedin, a Swedish model, is married to Portugal’s Luis Figo. She is the face of H&M and the couple has three daughters together.

Gemma Atkinson is a current/former glamour model who is dating Marcus Bent of Wigan. In the past, she has been linked to Christiano Ronaldo of Manchester United and Newcastle’s Alan Smith.

This article has been submitted by the clearly lonely Alex Jackson.

2 Responses to “WAGs - Wives and Girlfriends of Footballers”

  1. Freddy Says:

    Cash-grabbin’ ho’s of the soccer world, unite!

  2. Peter Says:

    Nice list. However the girl you have listed as carly zucker is actually Keeley Hazell, famed page3 “model”, and reporting the other girl in joe cole and zucker’s relationship.

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