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Creeeeepy! Video of the Day

Posted by Blake Murphy on March 5, 2008

I always knew I hated Pierre Maguire for a reason. Turns out it’s because he’s really really weird.

6 Responses to “Creeeeepy! Video of the Day”

  1. treadmarkz Says:

    wow that was uncomfortable.

  2. Weasel Says:

    I am so glad you posted this. My housemate and I were freaking out about how weird and creepy he was when watching this live. Also, he looks like a pear. MMMMMM Long stick in my big mouth

  3. Blake Murphy Says:

    I couldn’t believe it. Paul and I joked about it live on deadline day, too. Just ridiculous. I should expect this from hockey people, I guess.

  4. Ian Says:

    Michael Landsberg just called Pierre McGuire out for his creepiness on OTR. Hilarious.

  5. Blake Murphy Says:

    Ian, find me a video of that for tomorrow haha.

  6. Erik Says:

    Pierre wants to see Landsberg’s “Monster Performer”

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