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On Deck Circle Podcast Volume 6

Posted by Blake Murphy on March 21, 2008

A special Thursday posting coming at you. The topic? You guessed it! Everything you need to know about March Madness, featuring myself and Alex Pennycook.

Topic: March Madness
Guest: Alex Pennycook

Listen to it: here!

Or download it: here!

2 Responses to “On Deck Circle Podcast Volume 6”

  1. AJ Says:

    Here I was hoping it was going to be an NIT podcast…so disappointing

    Another solid job though

  2. Blake Murphy Says:

    I actually edited out some NIT stuff for length concerns!
    OSU, Florida, VCU, and Syracuse are your NIT FInal 4
    Women;s: UConn, UNC, Tennessee, Stanford
    College Basketball Invitational winner will be Washington

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