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Haters! Video of the Day

Posted by Blake Murphy on April 18, 2008

This one has been sitting in my bookmarks for a while. It’s a tragedy that it took me so long to post it…

7 Responses to “Haters! Video of the Day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Come on Blake, calm down…

  2. The Anti-Virus Says:

    CanuckFan1986 here, laughing my ASS off. I have a new hero.

  3. Blake Murphy Says:

    Anon—this definitely could have been me at age 12, definitely.

  4. Erik Says:

    Nice Blake, I was worried you weren’t going to put it up.

  5. AJ Says:

    My bad Blake aka RptrFn86, that Anon was me…was in a bit of a hurry and jumped the gun

  6. Erik Says:

    9 months from now, when the ODC gets ripped by angry fans, we’re going to see one of these from Blake.

  7. Blake Murphy Says:

    What could people rip me for? Possibly? Come one, now…

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