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The On Deck Circle Podcast Volume 10

Posted by Blake Murphy on April 16, 2008

In what could be one of the final Podcasts (not sure if they are continuing into the summer yet), our MMA expert Kyle Norton joins me to discuss, what else, UFC 83 this weekend in Montreal. Not only do we break down the entire card (with a focus on Canadian content), but we look at the impact of this event on the Canadian MMA landscape and where George St. Pierre sits amid the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

It is up on a Wednesday so that you can use it to get sufficiently excited for the event, and, as now guaranteed, is under the 20 minute mark. And yes, I’ll be there live, and that’s real talk.

Guest: Kyle Norton
Topic: UFC 83

The On Deck Circle Podcast Volume 10

One Response to “The On Deck Circle Podcast Volume 10”

  1. AJ Says:

    Because I don’t really follow MMA, it took until the very end for me to realize that Matt Serra is not the same person as Michael Cera…Though I probably would pay to watch a Cera-St. Pierre tilt.

    Good work gents. I’m gonna miss these “debates”

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