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What You Need to Know About the NHL Draft

This article has been submitted by Paul O’Neill.

Is there any time more exciting for the die hard hockey fan than the day of the NHL draft? The answer to that question is unfortunately yes, but hopefully we’ve all been laid by now and the annual GMIL baseball game has come and passed. That being said, go to the beer store and pick up a case, lay out your favorite lounge gear and tell the bitty you’ll be taking care of business all afternoon. For those of you that are in the working world, you have a wedding to attend to in New York tomorrow, cough cough, or have your favorite sites bookmarked so you can procrastinate throughout the day.

These players, for some reason or another, aren’t being given enough respect as they should be. Look for teams like Detroit (30th pick), New Jersey (21st pick), and Montreal (25th pick) to draft a little off the board and pick up players coming in under the radar. I would mention Colorado as well but their 16th overall pick was traded to Columbus.

Cody Hodgson – Was captain of Canada’s gold medal winning Under -18 World Championships. He has everything. To go along with his offensive skills (led the Under-18 team in scoring, 40G 45A with the Brampton Battalion in 2007-2008), he is a born leader who is relied on to penalty kill and to be a defensive presence on the ice. He is what you call a potential franchise player, and could go ahead of Nikita Filatov.

CSB Ranking: 9, North American Skaters
Hockey News Ranking: 8
Comparable: Mike Richards
Drafted By: St. Louis, 4th overall
Rookie Season: I think Cody will make the team and play on a line with David Perron to form a formidable second line of young scorers. 18G 24A 42PTS

Colten Teubert – Very similar in mold to another shutdown tough as nails defenseman Luke Schenn. Colten doesn’t like you. He will eat your lunch, he doesn’t care. If you go in the corners with him, he will hurt you and he will enjoy it. At 6’4, 190lbs, he is still filling out. He was a major presence on the 2007 Canadian Super Series squad and scared the crap out of those commies. A safe pick for a stay at home defenseman with a mean streak.

CSB Ranking: 18, North American Skaters
Hockey News Ranking: 13
Comparable: Scott Stevens
Drafted By: Anaheim, 12th overall
Rookie Season: Colten should spend a year in the AHL to fill out and refine his game. He may be given a shot during the year as Anaheim likes to give their young players a chance. Look for Brian Burke to have a woodie when walking on stage to announce this pick if Teubert is still available.

Tyler Myers – So he’s 6’7? So what? Doesn’t mean he’s going to be the next Chara. He has the size to play an intimidating physical game, but is still only in the developing stage. He has excellent skating ability, but lacks the skill that the other top defensemen in the draft possess. Apparently, he smells like cabbage as well.

CSB Ranking: 4, North American Skaters
Hockey News Ranking: 11
Comparable: Jay Bouwmeester (minus the skill)
Drafted By: New York Islanders, 5th overall
Rookie Season: He’ll spend a few seasons in the AHL where his rail thin body gets pounded on in the showers, and on the ice.

Biggest Question Mark
Nikita Filatov – Remember how far Cherepanov fell in last year’s draft? He was the top European prospect with huge upside, but an unsure situation with IIHF transfer agreement had team’s worried. Filatov is the second best forward in the draft with explosive speed and skills. Think Kovalchuk and Ovechkin. He led his team at the World Juniors and is a complete package ala Hodgson. Quickness, a great touch, an eagerness to play in North America and leadership skills will make him a desirable pick. But the question is, are teams willing to take the risk without knowing the situation regarding a new IIHF transfer agreement? Kinda like slipping it in her and then finding out her Dad is waiting for you in the kitchen. Be careful.

CSB Ranking: 1, European Skaters
Hockey News Ranking: 4
Comparable: Henrik Zetterberg
Drafted By: Atlanta, 3rd overall
Rookie Season: Will win rookie of the year playing alongside Kovalchuk on the Thrashers top unit. He’ll get a ton of ice time because the Thrashers suck and he has the speed and skill to leave a mark. Will also lead rookies in ice time.

Who Will the Leaf’s Draft?
For Leaf fans out there, having the 7th overall pick represents an opportunity to finally pick up a player who we can grow into a top tier player in the NHL. There is talk about trading to move up in the draft, but the cost will be too much and not worth it. There will be plenty of talent left over at the 7th pick. Players that should be available include Mikkel Boedker, Kyle Beach, Zach Boychuk and Colin Wilson. If by some miracle, Cody Hogdson is available the Leafs should spring at the chance, but if he is taken, they should go with Zach Boychuk, who fits a similar mould. He finished 2nd in the WHL in scoring in the year before his draft year and has the most explosive speed in the draft. The only knock on him is his size, but with the new NHL that doesn’t really matter. Look at Pat Kane and Sam Gagner. This kid is fo’ real. And the new era begins.

This article has been submitted by Paul O’Neill.

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6 Responses to “What You Need to Know About the NHL Draft”

  1. Pope Says:

    “Kinda like slipping it in her and then finding out her Dad is waiting for you in the kitchen.” wow!

    This year is probably the closest I have followed the draft…I think Filatov is going to slip to LA in the 5 slot or maybe even to sixth IF he doesnt go to the Isles who are sitting shot gun in the race for Stamkos. Atlanta (3) and St Louis (4) both are in need on their back end which is why I think Bogosian and Pietrangelo will go to the Trash and Blues respectively. Leafs will have the first wild card pick because the first six are basically set, just depends on which team takes them.

    If they’re looking forward its either Hodgson or Colin Wilson out of BU or Mikkel Boedker from Kitchener but the Leafs have a tendency to blow the first rounder so they could take a sleeper.
    If they however decide they want a D man, they have two choices - Michael Del Zotto if you want offence or Colten Teubert if you want a rough and tough style.

    My player to watch is Jordan Eberle. He started off the year supposed to be going late first round but he should go top 18 for sure!

    Thats my 3 cents.

  2. Blake Murphy Says:

    There’s a lot more I need to know, Paul. For example, when is it, and is it televised? Will any celebrities be there? Who has the best draft day hats this year? Is anyone I know in the draft (del Zotto??) and where are they going? Did I miss my draft year?


  3. Patrick Says:

    I am going to say my sleeper of the top prospects is Colin Wilson. As a freshmen this year at Boston University, he put up 35 points and was a plus 12 in 37 games. In addition, although he is smaller than many of the other top rated players, he put up 21 reps of 150 pounds as quickly as possible at the NHL Combine, which was five more than any other player. In my opinion, Wilson is good pick for an American team (i.e. Phoenix, New York Islanders) looking for an American talent to market to their fans.

    A lot of chatter about the leaf taking Mikkel Boedker who is talented. I however would like to seem them take Cody Hogdson if he is available (as Paul said) but if Filatov drops, he is the player to take. Despite no tranfer agreement he is a talent and he wants to play in the NHL.

    The Draft is on Friday at 7pm on TSN. I have went to one live before and they are neat to see, but you miss alot but not having hours of televised discussion and it is hard to tell what is happening in between picks. If you are in the Ottawa area though, check it out for sure.

    And to answer the question about draft day hats, I like the Blues or the Capitals. Not sure if the white peak was the best choice but overall they look pretty tight.

  4. Kevin Laughren Says:

    haha its Comm 08’s own David Del Zotto’s little brother, Michael. And I’m predicting he’ll go in the 7-17 range. That unusual range is set because Delzo deserves to wear his own name on a Leafs jersey.

  5. douglas Says:

    Boedker pumped his stats playing the point on the PP… and the leafs all ready have McCabe

  6. paul Says:

    dude, every team’s best players play on the powerplay

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