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Hoops Addict Article - The NBA and the Internet

Posted by Blake Murphy on April 17, 2008

As per every Thursday, I’ve got a new article up over at Hoops Addict. This time, I take a look at the NBA’s relationship with the internet(s?) and how they are, for the most part, blowing away other sports leagues.

Holler at that right here.

One Response to “Hoops Addict Article - The NBA and the Internet”

  1. Andrew Bucholtz Says:

    Very interesting article, Blake. From my own browsing, I thought the NBA might be ahead in Internet marketing and discussion, but I had no idea the gap was that wide. I thought the blogging point was especially good, and it seems to be one several of the other leagues are trying to catch up in these days, as NHL players like Ryan Kesler and MLB guys like Gregg Zaun are jumping on the trend.

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