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NHL Second Round Preview

Posted by Blake Murphy on April 24, 2008

This article has been submitted by Matt “The Snuggler” Douglas.

My predictions worked out pretty well, I’ve posted a 7-1 record in the first round of the playoffs and thereby giving myself some street cred. I messed up the Dallas series along with every other person outside of the Texas border. The Sens royally screwed up and disappointed their fans, not even winning a game and providing the worst, least exciting series of the playoffs. I’ve thrown together a much shorter rundown of my predictions for the second round. The second round of the playoffs looks great and every series should be enjoyable, even if your team isn’t in it.

Montreal vs Philadelphia
Another series for Montreal and another team they beat up on in the regular season, posting a perfect 4-0 record and outscoring the Flyers, 16-5. The Montreal PP was stifled by a tight checking Boston team and Philly should pose similar problems. The series will be closer than the regular season would indicate and Montreal really needs to be careful avoiding penalties as Philly has one of the best power plays in the league.
Prediction: Montreal in 6

Pittsburg vs New York
This is going to be a great series. The Rangers took the season series by two games (5-3) but neither team is going to completely dominate. The Pens have an amazing offense which will be in a showdown with one of the league’s best goalies. Sean Avery is a playoff performer, but you know he secretly hates himself and it might catch up with him this series. Most people have the Pens gliding to the finals but they’ve had a huge layoff and the Sens didn’t provide a tune-up for the second round. Both teams are physical and can put the puck in the net. I think it will come down to goaltending and the Rangers have the edge.
Prediction: Rangers in 7

Detroit vs Colorado
This is an interesting series and gives Colorado a chance to prove their play in the end of the season. Hasek is out and it’s honestly a good thing for Detroit. He’s too old, I think they need to call up Jimmy Howard to work the door because it might weigh too much for the geriatric. Both had tough series, surprisingly for the Red Wings who, for the second year in a row, were taken to 6 games by Nashville. Detroit is a great team and if Osgood is on they could go all the way. This one is going to be a battle, but I have a bias to the man who hangs on the wall of 231 Barrie St. (Jose Theodore, donning a Propecia jersey in a Gatorade cut-out).
Prediction: Avalanche in 6

San Jose vs Dallas
This series is really the wild card. San Jose seems to struggle in the second round and Dallas is finding their game at the right time. After a physical series, the Sharks are going into it with a Dallas team that plays more of a skill game. This could end up being a positive for the Sharks - I think if they were facing the Ducks they’d be in serious trouble. Dallas has the ability to beat them, however, Turco has to finally prove he can play more than one round at the top of his game. This series will be different for the Stars and a huge struggle as the Ducks really couldn’t get anything together and didn’t seem to care much after last year’s Cup win. The series with the most intrique will provide some good hockey and it’s up in the air who will come out on top. That being said, whoever it is, I think it will be over fairly quickly.
Prediction: Sharks in 5

This article has been submitted by Matt “The Snuggler” Douglas.

5 Responses to “NHL Second Round Preview”

  1. kevin Says:

    good show douglas. i think you’re spot on with the montreal preview and prediction. same with the sharks - they really are the team to beat in the west i feel. the colorado/detroit matchup is an interesting one, but i like detroit. nashville was likely the worst possible matchup for them in round one, and now their snipers can return to form; i still don’t like their goaltending tho, something i’ve maintained all year long.

    now here’s where it gets interesting: although you have them going to 7 and therefore giving the pens a chance, i just don’t think new york can match up well enough to take the series. the pens aren’t the sens (where 4 game sweeps lead to lackluster play in the next round, re: last year) and have been practicing full tilt. their lineup is solidified with malkin and crosby now openly accepting each others capabilities and working together. hossa is proving why i think he’s the most underrated two way player in the game today, gary roberts is getting consideration for congress and george laroque (sp?) should put a little more fear into avery than did, oh let’s say colin white (though fleury still hasn’t proven he is above being rattled…so that should be an interesting matchup). the rangers have a great lineup tho, no doubt about it, and with the resurgence of jagr last round (uh oh, he woke up) there is a fighting chance they can win it. still, the pens remain my favorite from the east and for the cup. they will face san jose in the finals.

    great write up tho matty and thanks for keeping it shorter ;)

  2. paul Says:

    habs in 7
    pens in 7
    wings in 6
    dallas in 6

    writeup coming tomorrow, nice post snuggles

  3. Principal Dondelinger Says:

    Solid predictions Snuggler. Im going to go with the other two guys and say Avs cant take the Wings. I will ally with you in saying New York has the edge to take the Pens. Regardless, go habs.

  4. Blake Murphy Says:

    How about Patrice Briesbois? He just scored the 1st goal of Round 2.

  5. Pope - Says:

    Wings vs Avs - Wings will run that series if Osgood continues to play well. Detroit has way more fire power than Minnesota to expose how bad Theodore really is.

    Stars vs Sharks - Sharks are a great team. Stars are a great team. If I could call a tie I would. I think Nabakov is going to have to be un-real for the Sharks to stay alive. If the Sharks can learn anything from the Ducks its stay out of the box or its going to be over REAL quick.

    Habs vs Flyers
    This one will be a rough series but I think the Habs will take it. Price looked shaky last night. Highly unlikely to happen again. Flyers big slow d-men will be exposed by the young fast skaters of Montreal. If the Habs win I recommend the entire city of Montreal evacuate.

    Pens vs Rangers
    Agree. Rangers are the most talented five seed I have ever seen. Fire power, fire power, fire power from both teams. Blue Shirts have the better tendy and the pens dont have Avery. Giving it to the Manahatten Maniacs.

    My two cents.

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