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Exam Time Mailbag - Now Accepting Questions

Posted by Blake Murphy on April 8, 2008

This may turn out to be my best or worst idea yet. Since site activity has been way up and pointless sports-related MSN conversations are also way up, I figured…shit, it must be exam time, and I better get studying. Then I thought better of that and decided that you all need a time killing outlet, and that could be an ODC Mailbag.

For those who don’t know, a mailbag would just be me answering (or making fun of) a random assortment of questions that you’ve sent me. Simmons does it lots, and a few other sites/people do it occasionally, and I’m ready to rip it off.

So kill 10 minutes of your exam studying (you’re on Facebook right now, anyways), or kill time at work or whatever non-students are doing, and e-mail me a question or two or three at [email protected] or [email protected]. It can literally be about anything, any sport, fantasy or real, or even non-sports topics like hip hop music, The Wire, etc. I’ll answer anything to avoid Pharmacology studying.

Your question will be used and, of course, credited to you (with a link, if you have a site or are an ODC homie). The Mailbag will go up sometime during exams, whenever I have enough questions to make it legit. Send ‘em in!

24 Responses to “Exam Time Mailbag - Now Accepting Questions”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Have the NBA hoops always been at the height they are now? Should they be even higher now that NBA players seem to be getting taller? Is there a limit on how tall an NBA player can be? Is there a limit on how tall a human can be?

  2. TSmith Says:

    Best future pro of this year’s Freshman Class? (Rose, Beasley, Gordon, Bayless, Mayo, Love, Other)…(For reference, the correct answer is Rose, but I just want to hear you say it too)

  3. TSmith Says:

    Brighter future: Amare or D12?

  4. James Johnson Says:

    Why does lebron have so many wrinkles on his forehead?

  5. Erik Says:

    Why is Rod Black the worst baseball commentator ever? Why won’t he stick to women’s curling or figure skating? Why does he always talk about the “bombs” that Frank Thomas was hitting in batting practice as if that is at all relevant?

  6. Principal Dondelinger Says:

    What ever happened to that NHL contract scare with TSN offering an insane amount of money to get ahold of hockey night in Canada. I never knew more than what I just said, but would like to know what the deal is so I can perhaps write a Don Allan style pro-Canadian rhetoric opinion peace about it.

  7. d-rob Says:

    Why do the Raps suck so much? How can Colangelo fix this in the summer?

  8. d-rob Says:

    Who is the future of hip-hop? Also, do people still care about 50 and G-Unit?

  9. Pennycook Says:

    What will it take for you to get back into Hockey

  10. Cone Says:

    why is there a girl beside me in the library pouring herself a bowl of cereal? I’m trying to write an essay goddamit, I dont need to hear these crunchy ass cornflakes right now.

  11. Raps Fan Says:

    which raptors, if any, will be casualties of bc’s offseason shuffle, if there is one?

  12. d-rob Says:

    If you were duplicating Kissing Suzy Kolber’s NFL Mascot Kill Kill Tournament (, and did an NBA version of this tourney, which mascot do you think would win? Quite frankly, if Jurassic Park taught us anything, I like the Raptor’s chances against most mascots, with its superior intelligence, slashing claws and incredible speed, I think it would own the octagon and leave a trail of carnage from Toronto to California. Other notables: Wizard, Celtic (a killer leprechaun like the one from the movie),bobcat, giant hornet,grizzly bear, and timberwolf.

  13. d-rob Says:

    What is your early pick for the annual NBA playoff theme song? Can it get any worse than the Rob Thomas incident of 05′?

  14. Blake Murphy Says:

    Just a heads up — deadline is Sundayish, so this can go up sometime early next week.

  15. Uncle Pat Says:

    With the number one pick, is Steve Stamkos a lock? If so,I say Tampa takes Stamkos and trades St. Louis for younger, cheaper players so they have cap space to get better. Your thoughts on trading St. Louis?

  16. Marlo Stanfield Says:

    Am I the baddest M’F’ of All-Time?

  17. Andrew Bynum Says:

    Who is a bigger X-Factor this postseason, me or Agent Zero?

  18. Bills Fans Everywhere Says:

    Can I have the number to those Seattle Sonic helplines…I have a nagging feeling I am going to need a similar service very, very soon…

  19. TSmith Says:

    How many points are we going to beat you guys by this Sunday?
    10? 15? 20? I don’t think anything is off the table…
    It’s all in the game

  20. TSmith Says:

    WHEN I win our Fantasy Bball pool Finals this week, how much should I rub it in everyone’s face, 1 to 10? Please consider that I was ranking 11 of 12 in the Pre-Season Power Poll and lost Yao, my second round pick, over a month ago, making my run of destiny strikingly similar to that of Yao’s real team.

  21. Blake Murphy Says:

    I wasn’t planning on responding to mailbag questions here, but T-Smith’s last two require a response immediately:

    1) The mailbag will be posted after the game takes place, so I’ll answer here. Need I remind you that you needed a ridiculous late game one-man push by Trevor Smith to beat us by a basket, and we were half the team we are now then…if that is a sentence. Since that last game, you guys have imploded, we’ve learned to play D, and I have shot a ridiculous 66.7% clip all season. You guys are doomed. Scratch that. You guys are in worse than the ugly strippers we’ll be chirping post-game.

    2) That is ridiculous. A) That is not an ODC league. B) It contains like 4 ODC people only. C) It’s freakin’ head-to-head in basketball. D) Those were Nilesh’s power rankings. E) I didn’t set my roster for months at a time and came 5th so…the competition level isn’t high. F)…Fuck it, see where I’m going with this? That piece of shit league (or any fantasy basketball league, since fantasy basketball sucks) gives you absolutely 0 bragging rights here at The ODC. Feel free to brag to Nilesh though.

    Any real questions, fucko?

  22. Blake Murphy Says:

    damn, that was harsh. please replace that last line with “you got served.”

    on that note, questions about you got served or other terrible black movies i love are welcome.

  23. TSmith Says:

    Re: Both those Bush-league responses, let me remind you this:
    The thing about excuse is they are a lot like assholes:
    Everyone has one, and they stink

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Toss up 1 vs. 1 playing by streetball rules, Noah Cruz-headed to UCLA- pre motorcycle accident(Crossover) vs. Kyle-Lee-headed to Georgetown(Above the Rim)? Who ya got? Winner gets Jesus Shuttlesworth.

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