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The On Deck Circle Podcast 8

Posted by Blake Murphy on April 4, 2008

Back at it again, Trevor Smith is the first ever two time Podcast guest as of…right now. Congratulations. Today we talk NCAA Final Four, the NBA Western Conference playoff battle, and we discuss whether it’s better to cheer for winning teams (Trevor) or local teams (Blake).

Also - we are now guaranteeing the Podcast to be 20 minutes or under each week, just for YOU.

Guest: Trevor Smith
Topics: NCAA Final Four, NBA Western Conference playoff picture, the merits of different types of fanhood

Check it out here.

Or download it!

Madness Pool Update
1. B.J. O’Brien and HowWeDo
3. Love the Drake
Based on the scenario generator, HowWeDo, B.J. O’Brien, UNC=NCAA CHAMPS, Rob Shaw, the one, and Love the Drake could all still emerge victorious.

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