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NFL Mock Draft Opinion 1.0

Posted by Blake Murphy on February 3, 2008

Note: To try and quench your football thirst on SuperBowl Sunday, I thought The ODC could take a different route and, while everyone else focuses on the SuperBowl, we focus on providing a little hope and something of interest to fans outside of New York and New England. Plus, everyone loves Mock Drafts, and no sports topic is better for debate. So today, we bring you two NFL mock-ups. This one is from Alex Snyder, who is celebrating his birthday today. Happy birthday Al!

Hey, with the Super Bowl today, what better time then to look forward to next year? Here’s my early look at who I think will go where come draft time. This first mock will be done on the assumption of their being no trades. Personally, I would trade my pick if I were the Dolphins because they need help at so many positions. Anyways here ya go, my ODC debut……..

1) Miami Dolphins
Pick: Glenn Dorsey, DT-LSU
Why: Everyone knows that the Dolphins need major help at multiple positions. They should trade down this pick to upgrade at multiple positions but since there’s no consensus #1 pick, the Dolphins probably wouldn’t get enough in return to make a trade worthwhile. Although USC DT Sedrick Ellis looked great in the Senior bowl and the Dophin’s desperately need a QB, the Dolphins likely will go with this athletic freak that will cause havoc in the trenches for years to come. Dorsey, with his size, speed, and strength, is an interior lineman a team can build its defense around.

2) St. Louis Rams
Pick: Chris Long, DE-Virginia
Why: The Rams fans will fall in love with this kid right away. The son of hall of famer Howie Long, Chris has a motor that doesn’t quit and the work ethic that can take him a long way. He showed his great pass rushing ability with 14 sacks last season while playing in a 3-4 defense. With the Rams having one of the worst defensive teams in the league last year there’s no doubt they are looking for a franchise guy on that side of the ball.

3) Atlanta Falcons
Pick: Matt Ryan, QB-Boston College
Why: First, I feel the Falcons have no choice but to take a QB with this pick even though Ryan might not have Peyton Manning type potential. I like Ryan because of his NFL ready arm, good leadership and very good accuracy. The Falcons are ready to move on from the Mike Vick fiasco and anoint a new leader and face for the franchise. Trading down a couple picks would be a good option in my opinion as a guy like Brian Brohm could be snatched at #6 and may have more potential than Ryan.

4) Oakland Raiders
Pick: Sedrick Ellis, DT-USC
Why: Ellis was mentioned earlier as an absolute freak at the Senior Bowl. He was said to be a man among boys according to NFL personnel. He brings great athletic ability and strength for an undersized DT(6’1). Some feel Darren McFadden is another possibility in this spot and they’re right, but Justin Fargas came on strong in the last half of the year and even though he has nowhere close to the potential of McFadden, the Raiders have to figure out a lot more things on offense(they’re QB situation and OL) to worry about before taking a franchise RB.

5) Kansas City Chiefs
Pick: Jake Long, OT-Michigan
Why: This pick should be a lock. Long seems to be the best OT in the draft and KC is in dire need of some offensive help since the retirement of Pro Bowlers Willie Roaf and Will Shields. The happiest person in the organization after this pick will be Larry Johnson, who is hoping next year he’s not getting tackled as soon as he’s getting the hand off.

6)New York Jets
Pick: Darren McFadden, RB-Arkansas
Why: If McFadden isn’t scooped up by the Raiders, or even earlier, this would be a dream for the Jets. The Jets haven’t had a “franchise back” since the Curtis Martin era. With D’Brickshaw Ferguson starting to bloom, the Jets need a homerun threat in the backfield that could strike fear in opposing defenses. Another reason why this would make sense is because there’s no way the Jets want McFadden to drop down to the already stacked division-rival Patriots.

7) New England Patriots (From SF)
Pick: Vernon Gholston, DE-Ohio State
Why: The rich getting richer. The Pats, who will go perfect and win their fourth Super Bowl in seven years today, will get a top 10 pick. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? As good as the Pats are, they are getting very old on the defensive side of the ball. A linebacker here is another very good possibility but I feel the Pats will take this pass rushing stud who will learn from Richard Seymour and, like Vince Wilfork did a few years back, make an impact immediately.

8) Baltimore Ravens
Pick: Brian Brohm, QB-Louisville
Why: Simply put, the Ravens offense is horrible. This is mostly because they don’t have a quarterback who has the arm strength to throw 25 yards downfield and we all know it’s kind of hard to move the ball when eight guys are always in the box. Ray Lewis just stated the team “needs” a new face on offense and the time is now. Brohm has hurt his stock a bit recently, not playing in the Senior Bowl, but he’s a big, strong, athletic QB who has the potential to be a Pro Bowler in five or so years.

9) Cincinnati Bengals
Pick: Keith Rivers, OLB-USC
Why: The Bengals defense last year was one of the worst I have ever seen…ever. They seem to have nobody’s everywhere on the defensive side of the ball besides Justin Smith, who, correct me if I’m wrong, is a UFA this off-season. They could end up taking an end here or possibly S Kenny Phillips but right now I’ll go with Rivers, who has the speed of a running back and hits like truck.

10) New Orleans Saints
Pick: Michael Jenkins, CB-South Florida
Why: The Saints defence is as good as the Toronto Maple Leafs, which means they are in a world of hurt. They especially need help in a secondary that is full of a bunch of scrubs. Jenkins is a speedy corner who will try to shut down WR’s for years to come in New Orleans. S Kenny Phillips is a stong candidate to get picked here too, if still on the board.

11) Buffalo Bills
Pick: Limas Tweed, WR-Texas
Why: The Bills need some help on that offense badly. Lee Evans is the only receiving threat they have and he’s more of a down field threat then a true #1. Tweed will compliment Evans as he’s more of a Keyshawn Johnson-type receiver who is big, has great hands, and is a red zone threat for jump balls. LB is another possibility with the Bills, but with Posluszny coming back next year, the D won’t be as big a concern as putting points on the board.

12) Denver Broncos
Pick: Ryan Clady, OT-Boise State
Why: Denver still has a pretty good defense, it’s their offense that cost them last year. Their O-line is very bad and that’s the main reason Cutler didn’t have as good a year as expected and no running back thrived in their once-golden run game. Clady is the obvious pick here: a big strong ox with franchise tackle potential would seem to make this pick a pretty good idea.

13) Carolina Panthers
Pick: Jeff Otah, OT-Pitt
Why: The Panthers pretty much HAVE to pick a OT with this pick. They are losing both their starting OT`s through free agency and need someone to step in and start right away. A dream for them would be to have Clady fall into their arms with this pick, but since I predict he`ll be gone by pick 13, Carolina will settle for this BIG, strong , athletic tackle.

14) Chicago Bears
Pick: Andre Woodson, QB-Kentucky
Why: The Bears have a few major areas to address, most notably QB , OL and KR (jokes). Sexy Rexy just isn’t get the job done in Chicago and I think there`s no way the fans of the Bears want him back as their future guy. Woodson possesses great size and arm strength and although raw, has probably the most potential of the top 3 QB`s. The Bears, barring trading for a QB before the draft, will put the future in the hands of this young man. Good idea? I say no.

15)Detroit Lions
Pick: Any WR(just kidding) Kenny Phillips, S-Miami
Why: The Lions need help in their secondary, no question about that. That’s why they could end up taking a corner with this pick but instead I think they just won’t be able to pass up on this ballhawk. Phillips is an absolute ballhawk from Da U. He would actually be a good first round pick by the Lions who have made a few bad ones in recent memory (other than Roy Williams and possibly Calvin Johnson).

16)Arizona Cardinals
Pick: Jonathon Stewart, RB-Oregon
Why: The Cardinals definitely need help on the defensive side of the ball more than the offensive, but that being said, they wont be able to pass on this talent. Stewart is an explosive back who is ready to make an impact on his arrival. Also with Edgerrin getting old and not able to carry the load anymore, they need someone who will be taking his place in a couple of years and opening up more space for their awesome receiving duo.

17) Minnesota Vikings
Pick: Derrick Harvey, DE-Florida
Why: In my opinion the Vikings have a very good nucleus and are a team on the rise. However, two things they need more than anything which may be the two most important things in football—a QB and pass rush. Unless they trade up, the Vikings would be foolish to take a QB here unless one of the big three fall in their lap. Therefore, the Vikes take Harvey who should help the pass rush that was deplorable last season.

18)Houston Texans
Pick: Rashard Mendenhall, RB-Illinois
Why: The Texans would love Stewart to drop to them but will settle for Mendenhall. It’s no secret the Texans need a RB very badly, with guys like Ron Dayne (my boy) running the ball, they don’t have a chance for a dual-threat offence. The Texans are another team I feel is really on the rise and with a running game, they could be next year’s version of the Bucs.

19) Philadelphia Eagles
Pick: DeSean Jackson, WR-Cal
Why: This is going to be a steal at this pick. Think Ted Ginn with more moves and football instinct. Jackson is going to be a home run threat every time he touches the ball. He has Reggie Bush type moves in the open field and is an explosive kick returner. If Jackson falls this low to Philly, they will be very happy, as will McNabb…if he’s back, of course.

20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pick: Leodis McKelvin, CB-Troy
Why: The Bucs corners are getting old. How many more years will Ronde be at the level he’s at? I could see them taking an OL or DL with this pick but I just can’t see them passing up on this extremely fast corner with great potential. Players like DeMarcus Ware and Osi Umenoyira have giving Troy a rep of producing some top defensive players.

21)Washington Redskins
Pick: Quentin Groves, DE-Auburn
Why: The Skins have been looking for a good pass rushing end for a while now. Lined up with Andre Carter, this duo could put some serious pressure on some teams. Groves would have went much higher if he hadn’t played all year with a toe injury. A WR is a possibility here as well, but I think they would take the solid end over someone like Mario Manningham.

22)Dallas Cowboys
Pick: Aqib Talib, CB-Kansas
Why: The Cowboys are set to lose Jauques Reeves to FA and there’s rumours the ‘Boys are moving Anthony Henry to safety, so that opens the door for them to take a corner. Talib may have the most potential of any corner in the draft as he is lightning quick with shutdown capabilities.

23)Pittsburgh Steelers
Pick: Gosder Cherilus, OL-Boston College
Why: The Steelers just aren’t the same when they can’t just run the ball down opposing teams’ throats. They couldn’t do that much this year because of a weaker O-Line. Cherilus should be able to set right in and start. He brings great strength along with very good field awareness.

24) Tennessee Titans
Pick: Malcom Kelly, WR-Oklahoma
Why: They need a receiving threat very badly. If Tweed and Jackson are gone, this seems to be the logical pick. I’m a big fan of Kelly, who seems like everything he does is easy for him. He’s just a natural receiver who is tall, lanky, and has great hands and speed. He could be a guy like Sidney Rice from last year, who was taken later in the draft but has potential to be a future pro bowler.

25)Seattle Seahawks
Pick: Fred Davis, TE-USC
Why: The Seahawks would love a RB here as Shaun Alexander has proven the last two years he is washed up and simply no good. With the top three backs already taken, I see the Seahawks taking this potential game breaking tight end. He’s your “new age” tight end with speed and can make big plays downfield. His blocking is an underrated strength as well.

26) Jacksonville Jaguars
Pick: Calieus Campbell, DE-Miami
Why: Another one of my boys from the U. Campbell is pretty raw but some say he has the most potential of any pass rushing end in this draft. He should put up some solid combine scores with his great speed which could move him up a few spots, but as of now, the Jags would love some extra bodies on their D-line which has been their trademark for years.

27) San Diego Chargers
Pick: Kentwan Balmer, DT-North Carolina
Why: The Chargers virtually have no depth beyond their three starting DL. Luis Castillo seems to always be hurt the last few years as well, so Balmer would bring some depth and versatility and he could play both DT and DE in their 3-4 scheme. Scouts like Balmer’s combination of size and speed.

28)Dallas Cowboys
Pick: Felix Jones, RB-Arkansas
Why: McFadden wasn’t the only pro prospect in the ‘Hogs backfield. Jones himself brings an arsenal of moves, speed and power. Rumour has it that Julius Jones wants out of Big D for a starting position somewhere else, so having a solid backup to the freak of nature known as Marion Barber is a good idea (man does that cat run hard). F-Jones should see some time as Dallas’ second back as a rookie.

29)San Francisco 49ers (from IND)
Pick: Early Doucet, WR-LSU
Why: The Niners brass never seems to make any good decisions. The Niners seem poised to a get a downfield threat with some speed. Doucet provides just that. He could go anywhere from the top 15 to early second round. Doucet could give the Niners an option in the air that they desperately need and maybe free some space for the underachieving Vernon (perfect example how a combine doesn’t translate to onfield performance) Davis. P.S., injuries have plagued Davis, so I’ll give him two more years before I chirp him big time.

30) Green Bay Packers
Pick: Antoine Cason, CB-Arizona
Why: This could be a steal late in the first round. The Packers corners aren’t getting any younger and Charles Woodson looks like a totally different guy from his Wolverine Days where he was scoring touchdowns by day and banging (Slammin’?) hoes by the bunches at night. Cason could be the best corner to come out of this draft.

31)New York football Giants
Pick: Dan Connor, LB-PSU
Why: The Giants linebacking core isn’t getting any younger and Connor is too good to pass up this late in the round. Connor brings great awareness and tackling ability. He should step in and start right away for the G-men and add to an already pretty good defense. This LB core will prove that they aren’t too great when they get dismantled by the Pats today.

32) NE forfeited due to spygate

Well thats an early look at who I think is going where. A lot will change from now until April so I will def have a final mock before that day comes. GO PENS!

Note: To try and quench your football thirst on SuperBowl Sunday, I thought The ODC could take a different route and, while everyone else focuses on the SuperBowl, we focus on providing a little hope and something of interest to fans outside of New York and New England. Plus, everyone loves Mock Drafts, and no sports topic is better for debate. So today, we bring you two NFL mock-ups. This one is from Alex Snyder, who is celebrating his birthday today. Happy birthday Al!

4 Responses to “NFL Mock Draft Opinion 1.0”

  1. E Says:

    I would love to see my Bills reach on WR Desean Jackson and complete the California Golden Bears 1-2 punch with Marshawn Lynch. Maybe not realistic because much of Desean’s value lies in his ability as a returner (of which the Bills have no need). He really has flown under the radar though and I think he blows up in the NFL.


  2. stu Says:

    The Bills should sell off all their picks for straight cash to keep the team in Buffalo. That team is set talent-wise.

  3. A-Snydes Says:

    set talent wise??? who do they got besides Marshawn,Evans, Peters and Edwards??? and on the D side of the ball they need some work/ talent too. I feel that they actually overachieved a bit this yr being a .500 team. Poor Bills wont be losing any superbowls the next couple years causethey aint making it to one!

  4. Erik Says:

    They have some good talent on the defensive side of the ball: Crowell, Pozlusny, Whitner and McGee. From a die-hard bills fan, I think you’re right. The were ranked in the bottom 5 in total offense AND total defense and managed a 7-9 record. On the other hand, they were two incredibly close losses to Denver and Dallas from being 9-7. It was really hard to explain. As far as needs… they need an impact WR to give Evans some space and another CB on the defensive side. I guess Trent is the man pulling the trigger for the foreseeable future.

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