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Top 10 Football Freshmen in 2008

Posted by Blake Murphy on February 6, 2008

This article has been submitted my animal enthusiast Alex Snyder.

Looking forward to next college season, here’s a list of ten guys who will be household names come this time next year (if you’re a college football fan, of course). I also wanted to point out that, while not a freshman, my boy Noel Devine will be doing HUGE things running the ball for the WVU Mountaineers.

1) Terrelle Pryor, 6’6”, 235lbs, QB, Undecided
Whatever school Pryor chooses to attend (this is being posted right before signing day commences), there’s going to be a party on campus that night. Problem is, nobody knows when they’ll find out.

“I’m 100 percent sure I’m not signing,” Pryor said, according to the newspaper. “It’s a tough decision and I’m still trying to decide between Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State.” (

Pryor is not only the top football prospect in the country, but also one of the top basketball prospects. Pryor has all the tools to be the next great dual threat QB at the highest level. This cat threw AND ran for over 4,000 yards in his high school career. He draws a lot of comparison to Vince Young, but is more polished at his age than Young was and also Pryor possesses a stronger, more accurate arm. He’s also got wheels for his size as he runs a 4.40 forty. Pryor was named MVP of the ARMY prospect game, which puts the best high school players from around the country in a game against each other. Pryor has narrowed his choices down to Penn State, Florida and the two leading the pack, Ohio State and Michigan.

2) Julio Jones, 6’4”, 216lbs, WR, Undecided
Jones is a rare talent when it comes to receivers. He has the mold of a young Randy Moss. He combines great size with toughness and has a silky pair of hands. His forty time isn’t great (4.50) but he’s one of those guys with deceptive speed, because of his length. I can see Jones becoming a star sooner than later if put in a pass-friendly offense. He has narrowed his choices down to Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma and Texas Tech. None seem to be front runners at this point.

3) DaQuan Bowers, 6’4”, 267lbs, DE, Clemson
Bowers is an absolute beast. He’s had more than 30 tackles for losses the past two seasons. He explodes off the line of scrimmage and has great strength. For a man his size, he has great athleticism and runs a 4.7 forty, which ain’t too shabby. He just needs to learn some new techniques at the next level and he should be great DT or DE in Clemson for a few years.

4) Darrell Scott, 6’2”, 215lbs, RB, Undecided
Scott is the most complete runningback in the country. He has broken a few of California’s all time rushing stats. He has great cutback ability and can stop on a dime. He has the power to run inside the tackles and the speed (4.32) to get to the outside when needed. The only thing Scott should be working on is his catching as that’s the only blemish on his repitoire. He has narrowed his choices down to UCLA and front runners Texas and Colorado. The Big 12 looks like it’s going to have another great RB in 2008.

5) Will Hill, 6’3”, 203lbs, ATH, Florida
Will “the Thrill” Hill is a freak of athleticism. He can be an impact player at six or seven positions. He’s a monster on kick returns with great moves and very good speed (4.4). It looks like Hill is going play his collegiate ball as a safety right now. Scouts love his anticipation of plays and how he hits like a Mack truck. Hill could also line up as a corner when you want to bump and run the receiver as he’s very physical and loves contact on the line of scrimmage.

6) Patrick Johnson, 6’1”, 197lbs, CB, LSU
The Tigers already stacked defence will get even better. Johnson , the top DB prospect, has an all around game. He has good speed (4.5), an amazing burst and great closing speed. Johnson has great size for a corner and his make-up speed rivals anybody’s. Count on Johnson getting some reps his first year on that potent LSU defense.

7) Arthur Brown Jr., 6’1”, 225lbs, LB, Miami U
I got a feeling my boys down in Miami are starting to get back to the glory days of McGahee and Sean Taylor, etc. Brown is the best linebacker in America. He doesn’t have great size but is very quick (4.5), runs sideline to sideline like you wouldn’t believe and just has that instinct all great linebackers have. His best attribute may be his tackling, as when he hits someone, they go flying. Barring injuries, expect him in the NFL after his junior season.

8) AJ Green, 6’4”, 190lbs, WR, Georgia
Green could possibly be better than Julio Jones. He doesn’t have the same speed (4.6), but no one in the country is better in a jump ball situation. He can jump out of a gym and makes it look easy always coming down with the ball. He has outstanding body control and hands. One thing he must work on is bulking up, seeing as how he doesn’t weigh much for his height. This is the best player the Bulldogs signed this year and that’s saying something because Georgia will likely finish with the best recruiting class of anyone.

9) Mike Adams, 6’7.5”, 301lbs, OT, Ohio State
Adams is staying in his home state and playing for the Buckeyes. Experts say he’s the best O-lineman to come out of Ohio for years. His size is great, he has great footwork and he is known for his punishing pass blocking skills. Adams signing with the Buckeyes will only make the offer sweeter for Terrelle Pryor.

10) Tyron Smith, 6’5”, 267lbs, OT, USC
Smith played on a pass-friendly high school team and whoever he was lined up against didn’t notice during the game. He is an unmovable force when protecting the QB and possesses awesome technique and body control. He needs to put some bulk on to get bigger than he is right now, but a few years of hitting the gym and this guy has All-American potential.

For more information on college recruits, given that today is Signing Day and all, check out ESPN’s Coverage.

This article has been submitted my animal enthusiast Alex Snyder.

5 Responses to “Top 10 Football Freshmen in 2008”

  1. stu Says:

    I’m hoping for Michigan to get Pryor…Rich Rodriquez will turn him into gold, Jerry!

  2. Erik Says:

    Michigan better find some one to play under center after the exodus of QBs this winter.

    Things I liked about signing day:

    My Cal Golden Bears were able to scrap together a decent effort after a horrible, embarrassing season. Hopefully, it doesn’t affect recruiting too deeply in the years to come and Tedford can make a quick recovery.

    As much fun as it was to watch ND humiliate themselves last season, they turned in a good showing (by all accounts) and to be honest, having a healthy, competitive Notre Dame is a good thing for College Football.

    For what it’s worth, (a great source) ranked the top 5 recruiting classes so far:

    Notre Dame
    Miami (FL)
    Florida State

    From what I remember, ESPN had them ranked much differently, but Miami, Georgia and Bama were still top 5’s.

  3. d-rob Says:

    Nice article. NSD was awesome for us Canes’ fans. Here’s my top 10

    1. Pryor- will start and make a huge impact if he ends up at Mich/Oregon. Will have a season much like Tebow did as a freshman if he ends up at OSU.
    2. Darrell Scott- can run inside-outside (Think Medenhall), will start right away at Colorado.
    3. Julio Jones- whole package, very strong, reminds me of T.O alot not a burner but just complete receiver. Should start for Bama’ next year. Better than Benn from Illinois in my mind.
    4. Mike Adams- will probably start for the departed Kirk Barton at OSU at RT, guy dominated the AA game/camp.
    5. DaQuan Bowers- incredibly quick off the edge, had a huge week at the UA AA game. Should bring back memories of Gaines Adams.
    6. Arthur Brown- fast, fast, fast. great closing speed, should get immediately PT at the U, lord knows we need help at LB. Look out for his brother Bryce next that shit.
    7. AJ Green- should help Georgia make a run at the BCS NC next year. Gives Stafford even more weapons.
    8. Will Hill- if you saw Florida’s secondary this year you know they need a lot of work. Hill should start immediately at safety, though should get some comp. from fellow frosh Dee Finley
    9. Marcus Forston- my boy Forston from #1 Miami Northwestern HS, should see immediate PT at DT at the U. very similar to Warren Sapp. Dominate the US Army AA game/week.
    10. Michael Floyd- gives Jimmy Clausen a legitimate #1 option at ND. had a terrific game at the AA game.

    ps. rivals > scout

  4. Erik Says:

    rivals is a solid site too

  5. Blake Murphy Says:

    al you forgot about my little brother. he is 17, 5′8″, 175 lbs. and possibly the best punter NCAA Division III has ever seen.

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