This article has been submitted by Trevor Smith

To: Management Group, Atlanta Hawks

Thank you.
Thank you for being the biggest joke in NBA. Thank you for operating a professional team that makes the Clippers look perceptive and organized by comparison. Thank you for staring relevance and notability in the face and somehow still managing to bring forth embarrassment, misfortune and humiliation instead. In other words, thanks for being you

In allowing us to sign Josh Childress to a three-year, $20 million contract, you have showed once again why your organization is annually in the running for the title of “Worst Governed Franchise in American Sports”. This is the NBA. Talented players are not supposed to leave during the prime of their career to play in Europe, no matter how strong the Euro is. This is the best league in the world. One would leave only when a team such as yourselves show them complete lack of respect and interest during the negotiation process under the belief that their status as a ‘restricted free agent’ means the player does not have options. Evidently, they do. Ask Delfino, Brezec, or Navarro. Perhaps even The Machine will be leaving Stateside if the Lakers do not give him more cash. But the difference is that those players are not starters, much less stars, and the majority of them are not young. They are either from Europe or have played their already, and for them being the star on a European roster outranks being a 9th man in the NBA. But Childress was a 6th man, and sometimes starter, and is an American. His leaving sends a deafening message (as might Delonte West’s in Cleveland): That your organization’s in-house issues are such that you can’t even keep a young Yankee around is fantastically pathetic.

Even in the NHL, players only decamp from the league for Russia if they are at the end of their career (Jagr) or have zero market value (Emery). Meanwhile, you somehow have managed to send packing a 25-year old player whose as a sixth man had a 17.84 PER ranking (we Greeks love Hollinger).

Only you could turn a surprising playoff push and a memorable duel with the eventual-champion Celtics into drivel and crap months later. Only you could hate your fanbase, lowly that is it, that much. So my hat is off to you gentlemen. You have set a new low.

I leave you to wallow in your own crap-ulence.

Socratis Kokkalis
President, Olympiacos B.C.