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(Non)Thoughts from a Ramblin’ (Gamblin’) Man…

This article has been submitted by Alex Jackson.

Awesome or sad? The only two “sporting events” I’ve watched in the last two weeks were BoSox-Yanks at Yankee Stadium and Joey Chestnut defending his Nathan’s Hot Dog Championship at Coney Island.

Messier (potential) divorce? Brett Favre and the Packers or A-Rod and Cynthia.

Readable? A story about a (possible) coaching controversy in women’s basketball at a Canadian university.

More memorable? Ken Read- the Crazy Canuck or Ken Read- the guy who was in one episode of Corner Gas.

More than meets the eye? The firing of Ted Nolan.

Crying over spilt milk? Outrage that Canadians’ favorite male and female athletes are Tiger Woods and Maria Sharapova, respectively.

For the love of the game or pathetic? Players who play in the Can-Am baseball league.

Better Lakers fan? Jack Nicholson or Denzel Washington.

Better actor? Jack Nicholson or Denzel Washington.

More street cred? Jack Nicholson or Denzel Washington.

What was Rampage Jackson thinking?

Better Sunday hangover activity? Watching the final round of PGA tournament or a combination of motorsports (F1, Cart, NASCAR).

A bigger deal to the CFL? Bob Ackles passes away or an unidentified (former?) Blue Bomber’s cheerleader has taken scantily clad pictures of herself.

Better “Triple Crown”? Pro-wrestling, thoroughbred horse racing, or baseball.

Better quotes? Shaq or Sir Charles.

Dustin Pedroia? Tall enough to go on rides at the amusement park.

The right to be upset? At the MLB All-Star Game, Sheryl Crow sang the American anthem while a recorded version of the Canadian one was played.

Finished? Yes.

This article has been submitted by Alex Jackson.

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2 Responses to “(Non)Thoughts from a Ramblin’ (Gamblin’) Man…”

  1. TSmith Says:

    In order:
    Semi-readable (only if you do the writing sir)
    Yes, something fishy
    No; we like awesomeness (Tiger) and hot females (Maria). Nothing wrong there.
    Jack (based on his, um, resume, with the ladies)
    He wasn’t…too much Ripped Fuel for his own good
    PGA…too much fast movement with racing
    Wrestling, clearly
    Charles (if for no other reason than he enunciates)
    Not even tall enough for the ‘Fun Tea Cups’
    Maybe…after all, there were 3 CDNs in the game

  2. Pope Says:

    Cheese Heads and Brett Favre
    Only when youre in the can
    The Canuck
    He probabely tried to sleep with a players wife AGAIN
    Tiger is un-real and Sharapova is a rocket - nothing wrong with that!
    Are the NBA ref’s juding this?
    PGA - itll make you pass right out!
    The Big Aristotle
    Only if his “Papi” goes with him
    For sure! Damn Americans

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