Czar James? LeBron Makes Verbal Commitment to Russian Team

First an insider in LeBron James’ inner circle speculated that James would bolt from the Cavs and the NBA if the money were right, suggesting that a deal in the neighborhood of $50 Million/Yr would lure James to the Old Continent in the name of being a global icon (see: Billionaire). Now it has come to light that James has come to terms with EuroLeague regulars PBC CSKA Moscow for a two-year deal once his contract with Cleveland expires in two seasons. While official terms of the deal were not released, it has been suggested that James will be awarded $40 million a season, unlimited use of a private jet, a cameo in ‘Entourage,’ a date with Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova at the same time, the rights to the remains of Sputnik 1, a Bengal tiger, an iPhone, and the country of Tajikistan.

(From T-Smiggity)

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