The NFL Fantasy Funbox Week 6

It’s week 6 and we’re just getting started here at The Funbox.  Thanks to both Gizmo and Beer Baron for giving me, Raptor, props for Greg Olsen.  This has enabled me to vault out to an early lead in the standings.  Like Obama, my lead will just get bigger and bigger as time goes by.


We finally came to a unanimous agreement on our scoring benchmarks, they are as follows
-Plays of the Wk - (QB - 18)(RB - 16)(WR - 14)(TE - 12)
-Sleepers of the Wk - (QB - 16)(RB - 14)(WR - 12)(TE - 10)
-Dud of the Wk - (QB - 8)(RB - 6)(WR - 6)(TE - 4)
-Waiver Pickup of the Wk - (QB - 14)(RB - 10)(WR - 10)(TE - 10)
-Geezer Pick of the Wk - (QB - 14)(RB - 10)(WR - 10)(TE - 8 )
In addition to the points you get for making the benchmarks - we also have two ‘prop’ points per week that are awarded to tougher choices or guys that really came through. 

Raptor -
1 pt to Gizmo for Randy Moss, 1 pt to Beer Baron for Steve Slaton
Beer Baron - 1 pt to Raptor for Matt Forte, 1 pt to Raptor for Greg Olsen
Gizmo - 1 pt to Beer Baron for Steve Slaton, 1 pt to Raptor for Greg Olsen

Raptor -
7 points (+6 Bonus) = 13 points
Beer Baron -
5 points (+7 Bonus) = 12 points
Gizmo -
4 points (+5 Bonus) = 9 points
The Geezer -
1/2 = 50%

RAPTOR - Jason Campbell. 
How many quarterbacks not named Jason Campbell have thrown for 15 TDs and 0 Interceptions this year?  None.  Not even Jason Campbell has done that.  But he has not thrown a pick this year and has been very consistent.  Last week the Eagles tried to take away Moss and his wide receivers…Campbell just threw the ball to Cooley all night.  This week the Cowboy-Killers play host to…wait for it…The Rams.  Has there ever been a worse tandem of teams than Lions/Rams?  This game will serve to pump the stats of all Redskin players.  Campbell could put up 300 yards this week while wearing a catcher’s mitt.
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The NFL Fantasy Funbox - Wk 3

This is the first Fantasy Funbox of the season.  Now that we’ve got all the authors back we’re able to make this a weekly feature.  Raptor, Gizmo, Geezer, and The Beer Baron let you know which fantasy football players to start this weekend.  We differentiate the Studs from the Duds and the Pimps from the Shrimps.

BEER BARON - Jay Cutler.  Yes folks, he’s bringing sexy back to the city of Denver and gets the Saints D this week, who gave up 29 points to a mediocre ‘Skins offence.  Bank on 350 passing yards, 4 TD’s, and Cutler gaining momentum in the race to being named ‘Diabetes Athlete of the Year’ at the ESPY’s.
Honourable Mention - Trent Edwards

RAPTOR - J.T. O’Sullivan.  All JT did last week was put up 300+ yards and a TD against a solid Seattle defence without using his best receiver, (Vernon Davis,) once.  The Lions defence is brutal and San Fran’s O-Line should outmuscle them all game.  With that type of protection I’d be willing to give it a go with the hot girl on the corner of Main and Higgins.   JT could play this game in his old ’World Bowl XII’ T-Shirt and sandals.  300 yds and 2 TDs.
Honourable Mention - Matt Cassel

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