Tuesday Fantasy Tips - Relax and Take Notes

This article is a weekly feature submitted by “2nd Place” Erik Arnold.

Sir, please step back from the ledge…

It’s that time of year again. The birds are chirping, the snow is melting and we’re seeing prematurely crowned champions and knee jerk reactions across the fantasy world. Listen dudes, it’s only been ONE WEEK and with each MLB team having played an average of 6 games, we have completed exactly 3.72% of the season. In the leagues that I play in, the waiver wires are on fire! (Blake? Sam?) Guys are being tossed around all over the place, some not even holding a roster spot for more than a few hours.

Before you become the league’s “Waiver Wire Slut”, think long and hard about what you’re trying to accomplish. I urge all fantasy players to relax. Ask yourself why you drafted some guys and why you didn’t draft others. With zero home runs in Week 1, does your opinion of Albert Pujols change? Do Marco Scutaro’s 3 stolen bags make him the next Jose Reyes? Give your team a few weeks before you start to make any conclusions about your strengths and weaknesses. I would argue that we won’t get a good idea of the fantasy “pretenders” and “contenders” until late May when all the hot and cold starts have time to balance out.

To honor this exciting time of the year, I give you, straight from the ODC Fantasy Baseball League, the top embarrassing adds and drops of week 1.

Players picked up who will have little or no fantasy value this season:
Eric Hinske, OF, Tampa Bay (McGlovin – Blake Murphy)
Odalis Perez, SP, Washington (Wheelhouse – Mike Cascone)
Santiago Casilla, RP, Oakland (Driving Tony LaRussa – Alex Jackson)
Nick Blackburn, SP, Minnesota (Wheat Belly Lovers – Samuel Cassady)
Dimitri Young, 1B, Washington (NOW – Dave Power)
Scott Hairston, OF, San Diego (Jackpot – Jack Forsayeth)

Players dropped who will have a significant fantasy impact in 2008:
Jason Kubel, OF, Minnesota (Shalamar – Erik Arnold)
Joey Votto, 1B, Cincinnati (Jackpot – Jack Forsayeth)
Jay Bruce, OF, Cincinnati (Good News Bears – Alex Snyder)
Ryan Doumit, C/OF, Pittsburgh (McGlovin – Blake Murphy)

Eric Gagne vs. Heath Bell Watch 2008
1 week after my claim that Eric Gagne will be infinitely more valuable than Heath Bell, after Bell was drafted in the 11th round:

Eric Gagne: 2IP, 3ER, 2K, 1W, 1SV, Yahoo Rank = 322
Heath Bell: 3IP, 0ER, 0K, 0W, 0SV, Yahoo Rank = 231

In all fairness, Trevor Hoffman had a dismal week, so this might actually get pretty interesting if Bell can sniff some save opportunities.

This article is a weekly feature submitted by “2nd Place” Erik Arnold.

4 Responses to “Tuesday Fantasy Tips - Relax and Take Notes”

  1. Blake Murphy Says:

    Doumit will be back on my team shortly. Hinske is inexplicable, except that he’s hitting .308 and if our league was a little deeper (like I wanted) I would be able to have Hinske AND Gomes and fantasy platoon them for a guaranteed .260-25-75, boo yah!

  2. Cone Says:

    fyi - i quickly dropped odalis perez

    now blake can pick him up and drop him 8 times within the span of an hour, but end up using his commish powers to get carlos ruiz back

    the birds are chirping ideed! take that blake

  3. Blake Murphy Says:

    Haha guy I have no idea what happened with that one. I clicked back a bunch of times and tried to re-add him and that happened. proof? ask erik, whom i emailed right before that happened about picking up ryan doumit. doumit is my catcher, waiver permitting. a sad state, indeed.

  4. Stu P S Says:

    Just a top notch edition of Tuesday Fantasy Tips.

    Everyone will notice that my name is nowhere in this article, making me a phenommenal fantasy baseball player.

    Who is David Riske?

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